Rainbow Bass Fishing Tips


If you want some tips to help you catch more rainbow bass on your next rainbow bass fishing outing? Are you new to rainbow bass fishing? I’ll outline some tips that will help you be a much more effective rainbow bass angler in this article. If you are interested in how to catch rainbow bass, this article is for you.

The best way to carry your tackle when fishing for rainbow bass is a fishing vest. Fishing vests have a ton of pockets for your tackle, weights, swivels, extra line, water bottles, etc. Many times when you fish for rainbow bass you will be wading and being able to carry all of your fishing tackle with you in a convenient manner is of the utmost importance. A fishing vest is definitely the way to go when fishing for freshwater bass of any kind.

You must use light fishing line. This point is extremely important when you are learning how to catch bass, whether those bass are rainbow or another bass species. Light line should almost always be used. If you are fishing for bass between eight and twenty four inches no fishing line heavier than six pound test should be used. For rainbow bass in this size range (which are 95% of rainbow bass in most areas) I personally use four pound test mono filament fishing line. If you want to know how to catch bass light line is of the utmost importance.

Fishing for rainbow bass can be done by fly fishing, spincasting, and trolling. These are all productive methods of fishing for Rainbows. Rainbow bass have a very good sense of smell that is 400 times more sensitive than humans. Rainbow bass also have an ability to sense very small movements in the water. Because of these facts fish scent applied to lures, spinners, and flies can increase catches. Also lure and fly action is very important to attract and entice strikes from Rainbow bass.

Take Your Hands Seriously: Pay attention to how your hands smell. The scent of your hands can get transferred to the bait and rainbow basss have a very keen sense of smell. They can smell you on the bait! Say, for instance, if you are a smoker, then the smell of tobacco can drive the bass away. One way to counter this problem is to grab a handful of dirt and rub it into your hands before you go fishing. This neutralizes the smell of your hand and erases the scent of any foreign substance held by you before fishing.

Fishing for bass can be a very enjoyable fishing experience. These bass fishing tips will help you catch more bass.

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